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In many divorce proceedings, the issue of spousal support or alimony can be contentious. Our Bryan County family lawyer at Mark A. Hendrix, P.C. can navigate the complex and complicated area of alimony with the goal of attaining a spousal support agreement you feel is fair. Mark Hendrix has served as a legal advocate for many clients and helped them. He can provide you with experienced legal guidance.

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What Factors Affect Alimony?

  • There are many things that are considered for spousal support:
  • How long the spouses were married
  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • The debts and assets of each spouse
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Necessary time to find a job
  • Physical and emotional conditions
  • Sacrifices made during the marriage
  • The age of both spouses

Forms of Alimony in Georgia

One of the unique things pertaining to alimony in Georgia is that it can be awarded in typically in two distinct forms. The first is the permanent status of alimony, where one spouse pays the other a specific amount in intervals because the other spouse is unable to support themselves. The other form of alimony is rehabilitative. This is more common and it is awarded to help the other spouse while they pursue education or employment.

It is also important to note that alimony is not necessarily set in stone. It is actually very common for one spouse to appeal to the court for a modification of the spousal support agreement.

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Mark Hendrix has helped many people through their divorce proceedings over the years, including negotiating and modifying family court orders. In his 21+ years of practice, he has helped countless clients navigate their cases to a positive resolution. Attorney Hendrix also advocated for the rights of many people in his experience as a Solicitor General in Richmond Hill and Long County. Under his guidance, you can pursue the best possible legal course in your alimony case.

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