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Divorce & Family Law Modifications

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Changes in alimony and child custody arrangements are the most common forms of modifications in family law situations. If you need to have your divorce decree modified or if you feel the other parent has far too much custody or visitation time, our Bryan County family law attorney can help. Whether trying to make a change or fighting a change to the current divorce agreement, Mark A. Hendrix, P.C. can provide legal counsel that is focused, detail-oriented, and personalized to your unique situation.

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Reasons to Seek a Modification

Normally, a modification is filed because things have changed after a reasonable amount of time from when the divorce decree or original ruling was made. It could be that your ex-spouse is making more money and no longer needs alimony payments or that they have custody and are planning on relocating. It is also very common for a child to want to change which parent they reside with. In some instances, the ex-spouse may be failing to adhere to the original decree and you might need to seek enforcement by the court. No matter your reason for seeking a modification, our Richmond Hill family lawyer at Mark A. Hendrix, P.C. can help you through this time.

Steps in Attaining a Modification

  • Seeking a modification to the divorce decree usually consists of:
  • Filing for a modification
  • Waiting for the hearing
  • Arguing for the modification to the court
  • The court's judgement

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As a former Assistant District Attorney and as a Solicitor General, Attorney Mark Hendrix has a unique and diverse background in the legal field. For more than 21 years, Mr. Hendrix has been trusted for his legal skill, guidance, and knowledge in cases like yours. Our staff at Mark A. Hendrix, P.C., can help you with your modification case, whether it involves child custody, child support, alimony, or related matters.

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